Charging as a Service

The YOOLOX Vision

We all love our smartphones. We message, we read, we share. We connect to the world through our smartphones. At YOOLOX we are dedicated to developing the next generation of products for smartphones, but also wearables and laptop computers that prevent the battery of your mobile device from running low.


We believe in a future without cords and cables.

Find a list of QI compatible smartphones here.

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YOOLOX Charging-as-a-Service for B2B clients

YOOLOX Vision 1

YOOLOX Wireless Charging Powerbank for B2C customers


YOOLOX for Co-Working Spaces and Hospitality Venues


YOOLOX offers Charging-as-a-Service which includes installation, maintenance / trouble shooting as well as updates / upgrades.

Our wireless charging spot is mounted from underneath the surface and charges the mobile device through the material. The design of the furniture does not get modified. Our product can be retrofitted into any tabletop, bartop, desktop, nightstand, etc.


Coffee House

Attract more customers to walk into your venue and generate more sales because customers tend to stay longer while charging phones.


While spending time in your restaurant, offer your customer an additional free service to stay connected and share pictures with their friends.


Travelers will love to recharge their phones without thinking about cables and connectors.

Wireless Charging-as-a-Service


With our special tools and templates the installation of a charging spot needs less than 2 minutes.


We make sure that guests can always charge their devices and that all spots are operational.

Customer Support

In case of any problems we will make sure our customers get a replacement within 72 hours.

Data & Updates

Usage data, firmware updates, NFC and Qi fast charging speed updates / upgrades available.

Find Out More about Your Customers!

  1. The smartphone of your guest detects the spot and automatically takes them to your website or prompt them to download your app. They cannot charge their phone yet.
  2. Your customer is asked a simple question (e.g. How was the service today?). The feedback answer will activate the charging spot.
  3. The information is sent to your dashboard, and you can evaluate all feedbacks from your guests.

YOOLOX Partners and Customers

Find the right wireless charging power bank for you!

YOOLOX Powerbank
Yoolox 10k


YOOLOX 10k is the right choice for you when you are out and about and your smartphone needs an energy snack. With a capacity of 10.000mAh YOOLOX 10k can recharge your device up to 3 times.


EUR 79,– (recommended retail price)

(The instruction manual can be found here, CE declaration)



YOOLOX 16k is our product for the on-the-go bloggers and social media enthusiasts who want to make sure that their smartphones are always ready. 16.000mAh guarantee you up to 5 charges for your device.


EUR 129,– (reccomended retail price)

(The instruction manual can be found  here, CE declaration)



YOOLOX 20k is our most powerful power bank. If you travel for days and want to make sure that your phone battery does not run low YOOLOX 20k is just right for you. With a capacity of 20.000mAh, you can easily recharge your device up to 6 times.


Product under development


Power Bank Highlights

Qi Wireless Charging

All YOOLOX products are Qi-certified. Qi is the approved standard for wireless charging of mobile devices.

Power Delivery 3.0

Through Power Delivery you can charge your iPhone significantly faster. The latest version 3.0 increases the charging speed of your iPhone up to 2 times.

Quick Charge 3.0 Certified Chip

Through our Quick Charge 3.0 certified chip the charging speed of your Android phone can be increased by up to 4 times – compared to a conventional charger.

Ideal Temperature

All YOOLOX power banks have been developed to wirelessly charge your smartphone just at the right temperature. When charging wirelessly the YOOLOX power banks adjust the temperature automatically to prevent your phone from overheating.

YOOLOX press coverage


Nov 2019, WeWork announces partnership with YOOLOX (YOOLOX press release (1)). For more info send an email to

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What others say about YOOLOX

…the glass back of my case-less iPhone X is a perfect surface for suction cups to stick to, but I saw demos with leather and plastic cases that looked equally functional. The YOOLOX suction cups are strong, too. They can support the full weight of an iPhone hanging upside down (although maybe don’t risk your $1,000 phone like I did.)

The Verge YOOLOX

Jan 2019, America’s biggest tech magazine

YOOLOX’s wireless portable phone charger […] has one thing that others don’t: It’s solved the problem of wireless charging on the go. While a traditional portable charger keeps your phone connected to the battery pack with a traditional cable, wireless chargers slide around and disconnect in your pocket. YOOLOX added suction cups for a simple but functional solution that it claims can easily hold the weight of an iPhone X. It’s a niche item, but neat

YOOLOX Gizmodo

Jan 2019, international tech blog


Pascal Bosten

Through my prior work experience as a consultant for scouting start-ups in Europe and Asia I built a strong network and got valuable insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. At YOOLOX I look after Sales / Business Development. David and me started the project to supply the world with energy wirelessly

David Photien

At YOOLOX I am in charge of the product development, marketing and all admin. Prior to this, I gathered a lot of experience in the field of home appliances and could gain profound knowledge of product launches. When not at work, I love playing sports and driving cars.